I stopped watching the news weeks ago because it was really stressing me out. Consequently, my anxiety level decreased. But I can’t help knowing what is going on in the world through my family, friends and social media.

How do I shut myself off from life? I pray a lot and try to keep a positive attitude. I have limited my time on social media which also helps. So let’s see how my latest plan works out

Summer is here

Whoa. These days have been very warm and I’m trying to adjust to it. One night I’m wearing a coat to walk my dogs and then bam ….the coat goes back into the closet. Welcome to Florida

Easter is this Sunday. At least I’ll be able to go to church unlike last year when everything was closed because of Covid. It’ll be the first time I am back to church, mask and all. Looking forward to going. Needing grace and hope these days. I trust that I will receive it

What’s going on?

I can’t remember a time that the time change affected me in such a negative way . It was a bad week

I was exhausted- poor sleep, wakinup, ears ringing, unmotivated, on and on. The worst part is that I didn’t do a whole lot to improve the situation. I stayed stuck. One would think that years of therapy would have provided me with solutions. What did I learn?


So yesterday was my 68th birthday, March 14. How did I come to be this age I have been asking myself for quite a while now? Furthermore, how do I have a 40 year old son, a 38 year old son and a 35 year old daughter? Not a clue. I can close my eyes and see myself as a young college student when all I had to do was take care of me and study. Very elementary.

Life since then has never been simple but isn’t that the way it goes? Even though I cringe at the thought of 70 being closer than before, I wouldn’t go back for anything. It took me 68 years to get here and I like where I am. I am beyond blessed and grateful for all of the lessons I have learned. Happy Birthday Gail


So today is the one year anniversary of our Covid nightmare. I pray for the half million plus victims of this pandemic. Personally, I haven’t lost anyone and for that I am grateful. So I continue to pray for those whose lives have been shattered. I am so sorry 😢

Our world has changed

Because of Covid our world has changed. It is metamorphosing into a new place to live. I can hope can’t I? I am putting my hopes into the generation of my children- the 35-43 year olds. They have it in their power to bring forth people who believe in equality, saving our planet, health care for all. Our white haired boys in government positions Now will be gone in 10 years. I believe this to be true