September 21, 2021

After 7 weeks of being in heaven with my daughter and granddaughter, I am leaving for home. So bittersweet

Seems like yesterday as well as a lifetime. How can that be?

I’m sitting on the plane, seat 13D aisle We have a full flight heading south to West Palm Beach. In 2 hours and 32 minutes, I will be home. Home? I’ve been home for the past 7 weeks. I have the gift of being at home wherever my heart feels love. I’m blessed to have many homes.

Holding my little Adriana morning noon and night has been a miracle. I’d just gaze at her sleeping or not for hours. Then I look at my daughter Emily with the same unconditional love especially when she’s holding this child with the same love.

I’ll soon be back 💕

The real world

In rereading my latest posts, one would not think that the world was anything but perfect. I’ve been writing through the eyes of a first time grandparent as I hold and kiss and caress my little tiny granddaughter. Yes the world is in utter chaos – ongoing pandemic, pulling out of Afghanistan, families and friends divided over politics, vaccines, LBGTQ, abortion, climate change, on and on….

But I’m choosing not to go out to this world but stay safe in a place of love and pure joy with hope that the world might catch up to where I am. After all, I don’t want this little 8 pound bundle of ecstasy to be exposed to what is “out there”. I will do everything in my power to protect her.

How lucky am I?

Well….. I’ve been with my daughter and new month old granddaughter for over a month now

I don’t want to go

When I return in November Adriana Isobel will be 3 months looking totally different from the infant I now hold in my arms. She fits in the crux of my left arm. Weeks from now she won’t

I look at my beautiful daughter remembering her as an infant. Such joy such love th hen and even more today if that’s at all possible. Yes it is

I am blessed

Delayed thoughts

It has been a while since I have posted. I seem to be all over the place with my activities, therefore not spending any time on any one thing at any great length or time. It is all good though. Life is extremely busy, at least in my mind, these days awaiting the arrival of Baby Girl Laruffa, my first grandchild, my baby girl’s baby girl. Joy is overflowing, amazement is plentiful, life is beautiful.


I stopped watching the news weeks ago because it was really stressing me out. Consequently, my anxiety level decreased. But I can’t help knowing what is going on in the world through my family, friends and social media.

How do I shut myself off from life? I pray a lot and try to keep a positive attitude. I have limited my time on social media which also helps. So let’s see how my latest plan works out

Summer is here

Whoa. These days have been very warm and I’m trying to adjust to it. One night I’m wearing a coat to walk my dogs and then bam ….the coat goes back into the closet. Welcome to Florida

Easter is this Sunday. At least I’ll be able to go to church unlike last year when everything was closed because of Covid. It’ll be the first time I am back to church, mask and all. Looking forward to going. Needing grace and hope these days. I trust that I will receive it